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At McKamy Elementary School, we put students first! We believe that no significant learning can occur without a significant relationship. We also believe that all students can and will be successful. We are a family and believe that 'Once a trailblazer, always a trailblazer'. When students enter our doors, they are our students for life. Our theme is #lovemckamy. We strive daily to meet kids and families where they are and help them be successful in all areas of life. We are proud to serve the community, families, students, and staff of McKamy Elementary!



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Being a part of McKamy staff means being a part of a family with one goal in mind - to love our kids. On the really good days and the really challenging days. Each student is unique and every staff member seeks to form a relationship with students and make connections.  Curriculum is just as important as making sure each student knows that they matter. We are truly blessed to be in this occupation where making a difference in a child's life is our number one goal! 
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I love the teachers and the staff makes each child feel equally important and that they matter just as much as the next child. 


Our families have been so blessed to have our babies attend McKamy!  Not only do the teachers and all other staff members make sure that our children are safe during these troubling times, they attend to the academic future of students with each student's personal strengths and areas of need noted and provided for to ensure continued success for that student.  Very important to a child's success is also a personal relationship with their teachers, and that element of teaching is incorporated daily with compassion and care.  Children will work much harder to please and be successful for teachers who display a genuine concern and love for them.  

Not only does McKamy's staff provide all good things for students at school, they also make sure to keep up with students' joys and tragedies at home and go above and beyond to be there for students when they need support and love during good and bad times at home.  THEY ARE AN AMAZING GROUP OF PEOPLE, AND ALL STUDENTS AT MCKAMY ARE LUCKY TO HAVE THEM ON THEIR SIDES!!