McKamy Elementary
Villarreal 5th grade
Varela 2nd Grade
Williams Nichole
Gray 1st Grade
Perkins 1st day
Rock 3rd grade
Principal Pruitt
1st Days
Chhun and Ms. Hensley
Chhun and Ms. Scalsky
Chhun and Ms. Noles
Chhun and Mrs. Perkins
Chhun and Kinder
Chhun and Mrs. Williams
Chhun and 1stGrade
2ndGrade Smith
Chhun and Bolden
Chhun and Ms. Flores

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McKamy Elementary School

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What Makes Us Unique

Mission in CFBISD

Our Mission

The Mission of CFBISD, a diverse community of global learners, is to empower scholars to acquire life-long knowledge, skills, and values that prepares them to compete in the world marketplace while contributing to their community.


Our Vision

CFBISD will be an exceptional learning  community where all graduates impact and excel in a complex, interconnected, and ever-changing world.

Our Motto

High Expectations for All


Our Beliefs

•  Excellence in ALL learning opportunities

•  Respecting differences by embracing diversity

•  A growth mindset for students, faculty, and staff

•  Ongoing partnerships with the community

•  Support & love of the whole student​